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Equestrian Elements Coaching Options

The rate for Equestrian Elements Life Coaching is $200 per hour, but we have a number of package options to give you more value for the investment you're making in yourself.


Discovery Session
-- Free

The Discovery Session is just that -- it's a free session between 15-30 minutes with Tracey to see what the connection between you and her is like and determine if the partnership would be a good fit for both.

Life Elements Evaluation -- $49

Signing up for the Life Elements Evaluation is your first step. During the 45-minute session with Tracey, you'll complete the Life Elements Evaluator and see what your priorities are. From there, you can focus in on setting some goals and making life-enhancing changes.

If you choose to move forward with more coaching, the $49 fee can be incorporated in the cost of their next coaching package.

Promenade -- $480

Promenade is your first step up from the LEE package. This includes four (4) meetings with Tracey that can include the New Client Questionnaire, setting goals and objectives and getting some 'homework'. You'll get a list of resources and suggested readings as well.

This package is timed to take place during a 6-8 week period.

Pace Setter -- $1050 (6 Months)

Taking place over a 6-month period, the Pace-Setter helps you dig in to your goals. You receive six (6), 60-minute meetings or video calls, as well as two (2), 30-minute phone calls on a bi-weekly basis. You also get two (2) bi-weekly follow-up text message check-ins as you see fit to help keep you on track.

As with the Promenade package, you will also receive guidance through your suggested readings and your 'homework'.

An added perk for the Pace-Setter is one (1) massage for your equine partner.

Flying Changes -- $1800 (1 year)

The Flying Changes is a year-long program that gives you the most in-depth coaching Equestrian Elements Life Coaching offers. Twelve (12), hour-long meetings/video calls; two (2), 30-minute phone calls bi-weekly; two (2) bi-weekly follow-up texts (to keep you on track); guidance with readings and 'homework'.

You will also be able to enjoy two (2) massages for your equine partner.


Group Packages

12 Month Group Coaching Package

$696 / year (per person)

= $58 per month


Included in this package for professionals is:

- 1 hour monthly Zoom calls covering topics such as:

•leadership tools & development

•business goals

•importance of mindset

•personal development

•building blocks of confidence

• self-care techniques

•time management

•optimal teamwork solutions

•issues & solutions facing
equine community

- 1, 30-minute phone call/check-in
per month per person

- text message check-ins

** Minimum of 8 people required for group package


Included in this package for amateur owners is:

- 1 hour monthly Zoom calls covering topics such as:

•importance of mindset

• goal setting

•building blocks of confidence

•personal development

•health & fitness


•time management

•fostering a better barn atmosphere

•progress review sessions

-1, 30-minute phone call/check-in per month
per person

- text message check-ins

All group sessions will be facilitated by Tracey Mitchell, with guest speakers included depending on topic. Sessions will be recorded for EELC course development purposes only and not shared with the general public.

Group coaching encourages an openness among participants; this is a safe & judgement-free environment and anyone who does not comply with this will be asked to leave the group.

Group sessions are intended for the betterment of all involved -- the more you put into each session, the more everyone benefits.

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