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"I was lucky enough to have Tracey as one of my teachers at D'arcy Lane while I completed my Registration for Equine Massage Therapy. I was immediately impressed with her compassion and eye for detail while she focused on all the students training. She was unafraid to stretch us as far as we wanted to stretch, while giving as much guidance as possible to encourage us to do the best we possibly could. 

Tracey was always more to me than just a teacher, she was a great mentor. My style of learning is a lot by watching, because of Tracey I learned a touch and way of healing I will hold on for my lifetime. Tracey always took the time to listen and I always looked up to her (still do). I will to this day say she was my ultimate favourite teacher. 

Tracey as a mentor and teacher has made me the therapist I am today. Even as years pass I still feel I could pick up the phone at any moment and she would be right there to listen and encourage me, I have never met such an easy person to talk with. 

I count myself to be blessed and lucky to have had such an incredible mentor and teacher. I would recommend her to everyone, she is honest and to the point. A very big thank you for all your guidance!"


Julia Dixon-Curtis


“From my experience, Tracey is a great coach and instructor.  She combines all of the elements of understanding, patience teaching and seeing the potential along with ability, in everyone.  Most importantly, she always has a smile that is comforting and heartwarming.” 


Caroline O’Brien

former student


I have to admit, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from our session when I first met Tracey for a tea. I had met her a few times at the barn and had a chance to talk with her as she worked on the horses during their massages and I was immediately drawn to her easy manner and friendly conversation. When she mentioned that she was offering life coaching and the desire to support equestrians I knew right away that I was interested in working with her, and finding out what she had to offer.
I’ve always been open to personal growth and development. I’ve read the books and listened to the podcasts but something was still missing for me... until now. 
I’m 39 and on the brink of making some pretty big life changes that are not going to be at all pleasant. All of this came out during my session with Tracey, and she was able to apply the same easy, gentle manner on me as she does with the horses she works on. She was a patient listener, she allowed me to “get it all out” before commenting, and it was really helpful and healing to hear the perspective from someone outside of my close circle/immediate family.  She provided thoughts and insights that weren’t immediately apparent to me, and after our session I felt lighter and more open to change.
I am thrilled to have met Tracey at this point in my life and am looking forward to continuing to work with her.  Everything happens for a reason and you never know who may just walk into your life when you least expect it, but need them the most.
Tracey, thank-you so much for your support.

Nicole Elliot

I had the pleasure of meeting Tracey when she was recommended to massage my horse. I enjoyed meeting her so much the first time I requested her to only come on Saturdays to massage so I could be there to chat.  Turns out we both like Harley Davidson Motorcycles…and horses of course.

When I came across Tracey’s post on Facebook about life coaching, I jumped at the chance. I had talked to a few friends who had mentioned using a life coach, I just never felt comfortable talking to a stranger. Even though Tracey and I didn’t know each other beyond chatting at the barn, I felt that if I were to use a life coach, it would be her!

It turns out she is amazing at massaging and helping you figure out life! For me it was all about changing my mindset. I would have been stuck in the same rut of hating my job if Tracey and I hadn’t connected. Sometimes you just need to see things in a different light and sometimes it takes a professional to get you there.

For that Tracey, I thank you.

Looking forward to more sessions in the future.


For me it was all about changing my mindset. I would have been stuck in the same rut of hating my job if Tracey and I hadn’t connected. Sometimes you just need to see things in a different light and sometimes it takes a professional to get you there.

Christine Thibideau


Tracey has been a great influence and motivator through the time we have worked together so far. She guides with sincerity and honesty to help you realize and reach your goals & potential. Whether its a quick text to check in, a monthly Zoom call or a chat on the phone, there are always
thought-provoking points she leads you towards that help
with initiating steps towards your success.

I look forward to many more conversations and working with Tracey at Equestrian Elements for my personal and professional development.

Thank you!

Brittany Blakely

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