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Tracey Mitchell

In The Know...


Building a Business – Over twenty years ago, I started something that everyone said I ‘couldn’t’ do.  I started Mitchell Equine Massage.  Since then I have started 2 more businesses, and I also co-organize an event that supports small business with my husband.

If you have an idea, or if there is a creative side to you, that needs help finding its way to the surface, I can help you.


Leadership – From early on, I was raised to be a 'do-er' and not a talker. I got encouragement to take part in activities that would help make an impact in other people's lives.

I spent many years mentoring young riders and students, helping them develop their mindset, heart and productivity routines. And I can't forget to mention my work ethic -- something that helped me to blaze a path and set a standard in a career of service for over 20 years.

I also have a significant leadership role within my family circle, as I helped to raise my younger brother and played a part in helping to shape his beliefs and the value of family and connection.

The best leaders help grow and foster other leaders - they celebrate each other in so many ways. 

Prioritization Skills – also known as time management; How do you take that list of things you want to/have to do, and get them all done?  Being a small business owner requires the ability to deal with many things that come at you at once.  Prioritizing tasks is how you get things done. 

Fostering Relationships – I am a ‘connector’, I love meeting new people, and developing friendships and sharing in lasting relationships.  The years I have spent massaging, owners have entrusted me with their horse’s physical well-being because I am thorough and upfront.

Communication – All good things come to those who know how to clearly express what they want in life, and to those who get off their butts and go after it.  I am a natural communicator, and years of talk therapy of cemented my ability to express myself in the healthiest of ways.

Motivation – I grew up in a family of ‘go-getters’, leaders and people who were highly involved in the community.  I was always told, that if I wanted to do something, I had every ability to do what I set my mind to.  I am not afraid of adversity.  Being a motivator was one of my characteristics I most relied on when I was teaching.  I loved taking the time to encourage the students, especially if they were intimidated by exams or just needed an ear to bend, regarding a current life issue.

Finding Opportunity in most anything – This saying might be ‘old’, but the truth in it is very current, and occurs in our lives everyday…’Everything happens for a reason’!  I do not believe in failure.  I believe that when something doesn’t go your way, it is the universe telling you that it was meant to happen in another way…a better way, that you might not be able to see yet. 

Grit Developer – Where do you register on the ‘Grit Scale’?  Do you back down from a challenge?  Do you feel you need a little extra ‘umph’ in achieving what you want?  I am that person, that the fastest way to get me to do something, is to tell me that I can’t!  This is how I approached my R.E.M.T. business.  If there is something you really want to achieve, but feel like you are holding back, I can help you!

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