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Leave It At Ringside

As I am sure most of you are aware of by now, I wear a couple of different ‘hats’ in the horse world. My life coaching hat is fairly recent and is something that I am thoroughly enjoying. My ‘hat’ of Reg’d Equine Massage Therapist (REMT) is one I have been wearing for a LONG time, and it has allowed me to meet so many amazing people, and their horses.

As a REMT I spend my days traveling all over to so many barns, meeting new people, coming across vets, and farriers, and other healthcare practitioners. I observe trainers tacking up and riding. I am often massaging a client’s horse, and the horse in the tack stall beside me is getting clipped, or a staff member is grooming or bathing a horse. I have witnessed so many riders over the years, of all ages, and abilities, spending time with their horses, doting over them, each one of them working towards some goal or another.

A longtime client of mine moved her horses to a new barn, so as I have done many times, I arrived at a new property, where I would be introduced to new surroundings and again, the opportunity to meet more, new people. As I entered the barn, I was greeted by my client, and she quickly introduced me to the barn owner, and trainer…who for this blog, I will refer to as ‘Bea’.

Bea greeted me with the biggest smile. Her warm welcome was much appreciated on what was a very chilly day. Often when I arrive at a new barn, I am never quite sure what environment I am walking in to. Bea and I had an instant rapport, and as I worked away, she and I were chatting about our years in the horse industry. The one thing we both agreed upon (there were many lol, but this was pivotal), was that the hard-working women and men of the horse world need support, and we need to better support each other.

We all know how extremely competitive our world is. We know how HARD we all work, and what exceptionally long days we put in. For years I have been witnessing so many people, all who are very important cogs in this wheel we are on, busting their butts in some way or another, to help themselves, or someone else reach their goals. One thing I can say to be true is, that the equine industry is a world where teamwork is an absolute necessity. So, my question is “Why are we so hard on each other?”, because let us face it, this world can be cut-throat, and it thrives on gossip.

One of the things I wanted to do, before I even realized I wanted to become a life coach, was to bring together a group of professional horsewomen, from all areas of the industry with the intention of providing some sort of support and comradery, and inspiration with an outlet for understanding. What I envision is by no means a get-together for a bitch session. It is something that is meant to be productive, provide answers and solutions for the attendees, in a way that helps better their system, their business and ultimately, themselves. Let’s call it a Mastermind.

I want to provide a forum where competitors in the ring, can be allies at the table. There will be open dialogue with the genuine intention to learn from those around us. We all have something to share, and in those teachable moments, we all know there is more to discover from each other. I wonder what would happen if the horse industry turned toward each other, with the greater intention for the greater good of all those within the industry…? How about we give it a try. Be that kick-ass, gritty competitor in the ring but then ‘leave it at the edge of the ring’.

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